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(FREE* To those who are NOT required to take the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT))

Do you already know how to fly a small-UAS/UAV (Drone)? Don't spend hundreds -or- thousands of your hard earned dollars at a Flight School. The FAA does NOT require any formal flight training prior to receiving your commercial Remote Pilot's License. Lets see if you qualify for a FREE* FAA Remote Pilot Certificate . . . SCROLL DOWN to begin.

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FREE STUFF for you (not strings attached) to access and/or download relating to UAS/UAVs and your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate/Rating (License)


Access our 300+ Master Question File (MQF), with answers and references, of the most commonly asked FAA questions on the Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT). Don't waste your money and time - Study for your AKT now!

(COMING SOON) Remote Pilot Certificate application submital service

AVAILABLE VERY SOON... Part-61 Rated Pilots: If you don't have your own Recommending Instructor (RI) to validate and complete your Remote Pilot Certificate application, use our "On-Staff" CFI/RI to submit your application through the IACRA portal. (COMING SOON)

FREE** Biennial Refresher Training (Coming Summer 2018)

Those who have used our AKT Prep (Members) will be able to take their FAA required Biennial Refresher Training starting the summer of 2018, for FREE**. Non-Members may purchase a permanent membership to use the Biennial training for a small, one-time fee!

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The two co-owners, Bill and John, are Retired USAF (Disabled) Veterans. Each of them dedicated over 20+yrs of active duty service in the USAF. Currently, Bill has over 15+ yrs experience of professional Courseware Development in the Instructional Systems Design field building hundreds of presentations, computer based training and testing/evaluation. John is a former USAF Instructor Pilot with 20+ yrs of active duty flight instruction experience and actively maintains an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Air Transport Pilot, Commercial, Instrument and Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic Licenses. Both gentlemen are FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Certificated and both have teamed up to help show you the quickest and most cost effective path to attaining your commercial FAA Remote Pilot Certificate/Rating, and in many cases for FREE*!!!

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The FAA does NOT require any formal Flight Training prior to receiving your Remote Pilot's Certificate/License... SCROLL DOWN to Begin

Are you 16+ Yrs old (or older) and can Read, Write, Speak and Understand ENGLISH?

Free UAS UAV Drone Remote Pilot Certificate
To be a Remote Pilot In Command the FAA requires you to be at least 16 Yrs Old