FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test Prep for small-UAS/UAV (FreeUASlicense Master Question File Study)

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Avoid wasting your $150 FAA-fee when taking the Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT) by studying our 300+ Master Question File (MQF) of the most commonly asked questions on the AKT.  See the questions with correct answers and references. If you are in a hurry to take the AKT you can breeze through the material using the same “tried-&-true” technique the USAF pilots use to train your brain and see only the correct answers.  Each question/answer has exact references explaining the answers.  Get started now!

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Estimated Time: Varies from person to person depending on study skills and reading speed

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Regulations (15-25% Questions on AKT)

Airspace & Requirements (15-25% Questions on AKT)

Weather (11-16% Questions on AKT)

Loading & Performance (7-11% Questions on AKT)

Operations (35-45% Questions on AKT)

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