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By continuing and purchasing the “Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT) Prep / Master Question File (MQF) Study” course, and/or the “On-Staff CFI Application Submission” service, you are agreeing to all of the following:

You (the end user) agree/accept the AKT MQF created by FreeUASlicense.com as an “AS-IS” product; Absolutely NO refurnds of any charges/fees.

 There are NO expressed or implied guarantees/warantees by FreeUASlicense.com  that you will pass the FAA’s required minimum passing grade on the AKT.  FreeUASlicense.com also does NOT guarantee that you will receive a 100% on your FAA AKT after studying the AKT MQF created by FreeUASlicense.com.

There are NO expressed or implied guarantees that using the USAF style study technique, recommended by FreeUASlicense.com, will help you pass the FAA AKT, nor are there any guarantees you will receive a 100% score on the FAA AKT.

You accept total/complete responsibility for the final results of your FAA AKT and DO NOT hold  FreeUASlicense.com responsible for any adverse outcomes or failures of the FAA AKT, and you will NOT seek litigation against FreeUASlicense.com should a failure of the test occur.

FreeUASlicense.com is NOT responsible for any additional costs that you may incur, or have lost, in pursuing your Remote Pilot Certificate to include, but not limited to, the FAA’s AKT examination fee.

Although FreeUASlicense.com’s on-staff Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) works very hard to ensure the accuracy of the AKT MQF study questions, answers, references and explanations, FreeUASlicense.com does NOT guarantee that the actual FAA AKT exam questions will be exactly identical, nor does FreeUASlicense.com guarantee that the AKT MQF is a complete representation of the FAA’s Master Question Bank used for the sUAS AKT.

Access to the FreeUASlicense.com AKT MQF is limited to 365 days from the date of purchase.

We (FreeUASlicense.com) DO-NOT create any questions and answers within the Master Question File (MQF).  These questions/answers are representations of actual FAA questions given on AKT exams.  If you feel the topics/questions/answers are “silly” or “ubsurd” for a sUAS Pilot, please feel free to contact the FAA and chew them out as a taxpayer (FAA Customer Svc: 1 (866) 835-5322)… but please DON’T complain to FreeUASlicense.com.

ON-STAFF CFI DISCLAIMER: When using the FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI Application Submission service you acknowledge that the FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI is NOT able to issue a Temporary Pilot’s Certificate.  Only a:

(1) FAA Flight Service District Office (FSDO),

(2) Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), or

(3) Airman Certification Representative (ACR)

are allowed to issue a Temporary Pilot’s Certificate (License).  FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI can only validate the applicant and submit their application into IACRA.faa.gov.  FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI does NOT have any control over the FAA’s turnaround time for issuance of your permanent Remote Pilot Certificate.  In some cases it may take up to 120 days for the FAA to issue a permanent pilot certificate.  If you have not received any email or postal letter from the FAA within 120 days of your application submission, it is the APPLICANT’S RESPONSIBILITY to contact the FAA or local FSDO to determine the status of their Remote Pilot Certificate.  FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI is only responsible for validating the applicant and submitting the application to IACRA.faa.gov… Absolutely NO Refunds of the  FreeUASlicense.com On-Staff CFI Application Submission Fee.

PRIVACY:  FreeUASlicense.com (AOF, LLC.) DOES NOT collect, store, share or sell any of your private information.  However, FreeUASlicense.com (AOF, LLC) uses PayPal.com as its payment gateway.  PayPal.com and its third party affiliates have different privacy and personal information collection policies which is your responsibility to read, CLICK HERE.

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Updated: 19 Jan 2017